Great Lake Sport Car Club Monthly Meeting Minutes

5/2/2019 | Meeting called to order by Brandon Bockrath at 7:03pm

In Attendance

Brandon Bockrath, Bob Bennett, Chuck Duncan, Dick Eisemann, John Erwin, Glenn Farrell, Matt Gerdisch, Andy Gesch, Tera Gesch, Gary Glojek, Steve Mente, Paul Nelson, Dave Odell, Gary Pusch, Jim Radmann, Paul Rembas, Bruce Volbrecht, Daryl Wessel, David Wessel, Lauren Wessel.

Approval of Minutes

April meeting minutes Approved.

Treasury and Membership Report

Matt Gerdisch reports a stable treasury to date.

67 members, 12 are new for 2019

MCSCC Board of Directors Report

There was discussion on the increased insurance rates

The Klaxon is coming back in digital form.

Council needs someone for tech at autobahn event in July.

Midwestern Council still needs some positions filled for the season

Chief of impound

Chief of safety

Race staff Director

Old Business

Website updates.

Race report from the driver’s school and first race weekend. 31 students 14 were GLSCC Members

John Erwin passed around the flyer for the Milwaukee Mile

Race Committee Report

No meeting this month. Working on the race flyer. Some more tire wall building will be taking place.

New Business

Council needs more people to help with stewarding, if interested please let David Wessel or Bruce V know.

Next Meeting

6/6/2019, Machine Shed restaurant, 7:00pm

Motion to adjourn was made at 7:55 p.m. and was passed unanimously.

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