Monthly Meeting Minutes

Great Lake Sport Car Club Monthly Meeting Minutes

11/7/2019 | Meeting called to order at 6:58pm

In Attendance

Brandon Bockrath, Dick Eisenmann, John Erwin, Glenn Farrel, Matt Gerdisch,  Gary Glojek, Gary Pusch, Paul Rembas, Bruce Volbrecht, Daryl Wessel, Lauren Wessel

Approval of Minutes

October meeting minutes approved.

Treasury and Membership Report

Stable treasury to date. Final numbers in for Milwaukee Mile race

77 members 18 new this year!

MCSCC Board of Directors Report

Rule-A-Thon:  was held at That Loooong Race event new ST class rules proposal coming soon.

Licensing and Membership on MSR

Gary Schneider mentioned he recently discussed creating a licensing database within MotorSportReg and they are looking into it.

Fairly lengthy discussion on functionality and options of building registration functionality on the MCSCC web site.

President Wessel withdrew his membership and licensing proposal.

2019 Banquet.  The banquet will be January 18, 2020 at Geneva Ridge.  There is a block of rooms set aside at $109 each.  

2019 award nominations are ongoing

2020 Race Funding Proposal

VP Falconer called for a club vote on his Race Date Funding for 2020 as written.

New Business

Comp Dir Hansen asked if there was any concern on the use of member addresses as the MC contact address.  After brief discussion, most voiced opinions that this was not a concern.

VP Falconer asked President Wessel to ask our insurance company if they have any concerns about allowing 16-17 year olds to work corners.  The rationale is that there may be an opportunity to increase corner working staff by this age group looking to use corner staff hours as credit toward their need for volunteer hours.

Mike Palmer bought a new domain of “” for MC to use.

Open Position Review: Still looking for several positions.



Old Business

No changes to the website again, an Email will be resent about Go karting event coming up due to lack of response to John.

Race Committee Report

The state moved back the Fair next year by one week so our event at the mile was also pushed back a week to get everything clean for us.

New Business

This year’s banquet will be held on February 8th in Waukesha, further details to come soon.

Next Meeting

12/5/2019, Machine Shed restaurant, 7:00 pm

Motion to adjourn was made at 7:38 p.m. and was passed unanimously.

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