Latest Monthly Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

February 2, 2023, 7PM

Location: Spring City Restaurant, Pewaukee

Members present: Lauren Wessel (Pres.),  Glenn Farrell, Dick Eisenmann, Mark Greenisen, Gary Pusch, John Erwin, Paul Rembas, Bruce Vollbrecht, Will Ostrowski.

Treasurer report: stable balance. Cost for banquet was just over $2k. 

Reminder was made to renew your membership. Online membership link:

MCSCC awards banquet was held January 14 at Rockford Radisson. GLSCC award winners were:

Tazio Stefanelli:  Formula F Champion

Brandon Steinhauer:  ST2 Champion

Lauren Wessel: GT4 Champion

Rich Friman: ITS Champion

Bruce Vollbrecht: Bill Poole/Ray Jackson Memorial  Award for outstanding service to the MCSCC.


2023 events:

April 22-23: Lakeshore SCC with Salt Creek SCC @ Blackhawk Farms
May 27-29: Salt Creek SCC with Madison SCC @ Blackhawk Farms
July 1-3: Sports Car Club of Rockford @ Blackhawk Farms
Aug. 26-27: Madison SCC @ Gingerman
Sept. 8-10: Great Lakes SCC @ Milwaukee Mile
Oct. 14-15: Chicagoland SCC @ Blackhawk Farms

Oct 28-29: Great Lakes SCC@ Road America (MCSCC event with SCCR)

GLSCC Annual banquet was held  January 28 at the Golden Mast.

Wheel to Wheel driver of the year: Rich Friman

Auto Cross driver of the year: Fillipo R Reina

Pauline & Elmer Goertz Spirit Award: Brandon Steinhauer

Member of the year: Bruce Vollbrecht


 President Lauren asked that members contact her to be included on the race planning committee. First on the agenda will be to set the weekend format for the September Milwaukee event.

Meeting was adjourned by 8:05PM.

February meeting minutes approved.