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Monthly Meeting Minutes

Great Lake Sport Car Club Monthly Meeting Minutes

10/4/2018 | Meeting called to order by Brandon Bockrath at 7:07pm

In Attendance

Brandon Bockrath, Paul Rembas, Lauren Wessel, David Wessel, Glenn Farrell, Tom Miller, Daryl Wessel, Gary Pusch, Matt Gerdisch, Andy Gesch, Tera Gesch, Alex Langer, Mark Langer, John Erwin, Don Eichelberger, Gary Glojek, Rick Rollo, Dick Eisenmann, Terry Reinders, Joe Radoseuch, Charles Duncan, Mike Thomae

Approval of Minutes

September meeting minutes Approved.

Treasury and Membership Report

Matt Gerdisch reports a stable treasury to date.

74 members

Matt spoke to the Credit card reader company Daryl Wessel had mentioned, we had a group discussion about the pricing and decided that the best thing for the club would be to buy a laptop and or a tablet to make registration easier in general.

Board of Directors Report

Midwestern Council booth for PRI in Indianapolis let David Wessel know if you are interested in going.

The dates are Dec. 6,7,8. Also let David Wessel know if you would like to volunteer yourself or your car, preferably one that runs NA tires.

Total Midwestern Council membership up 30 members to 606 compared to last year.

2019 Schedule was discussed:

April drivers School 27th &28th -BHF 

Memorial Day Weekend- BHF 

June 14th -16th   

July 5th– 7th BHF  October- Long race

 July 20th– 21st  Autobahn

August 24th-25th  Milwaukee Mile

September -Raod America

Updated 3-4 Comp license sign offs proposal was voted against, the current requirements to get a license will still be in place and still be up to the stewards discretion for a second sign off.

Old Business

Brandon and David went to Sugar River raceway for Madison’s Karting Event and talked about that, and made some connections and got ideas for our event next summer.


Race Committee Report

Paul took the floor and wanted a discussion with the members about possible ideas for our Milwaukee Mile event. We discussed many Ideas such as car shows and special events, different kinds of racing events like time trial or vintage race, having another Mile event outside of council. If you have any ideas feel free to send them to Paul Rembas or bring them to the next meeting.

New Business


We will be setting up a banquet committee soon.

Website  updates progress.

Still need designs for t shirts, flyers, stickers

Next Meeting

11/1/2018, Machine Shed restaurant, 7:00pm

Motion to adjourn was made at 8:31 p.m. and was passed unanimously.

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