Great Lake Sport Car Club Monthly Meeting Minutes

4/4/2019 | Meeting called to order by Brandon Bockrath at 7:07pm

In Attendance

Brandon Bockrath, Chuck Duncan, Dick Eisemann, Don Eichelberger, John Erwin, Glenn Farrell, Matt Gerdisch, Andy Gesch, Tera Gesch, Gary Glojek, Steve Mente, Tom Miller, Dave Odell, Gary Pusch, Joe Radosevich, Paul Rembas, Bruce Volbrecht, Daryl Wessel, David Wessel, Lauren Wessel, Ken Watry.

Approval of Minutes

March meeting minutes Approved.

Treasury and Membership Report

Matt Gerdisch reports a stable treasury to date.

63 members, 12 are new for 2019

MCSCC Board of Directors Report

  • Council is up to 252 members
  • Insurance price for the season went up, the company the last couple years was only charging us for 7 days instead of 7 events 2 days each.
  • Council had a presence at world of wheels made some good impressions and PR, we will also have cars at the WCEC season opener meet.
  • Racequip is back on board as a sponsor this year.
  • Website updates, looking for some else to help with social media.
  • Most of the schedule is finalized still waiting on North Suburban to post their schedule for the 4th of July weekend
  • Discussed ideas for recruitment of members and volunteers. A proposal for a third-party company to evaluate council and give insights into how we can do better, would cost approx. 12,300 was brought, other alternatives were discussed such as surveys and polls.
  • No action was taken on the removing the medical requirement proposal.
  • All the safety proposals form recent months were passed will go into effect 2020.

Midwestern Council still needs some positions filled for the season

Chief of impound

Chief of safety

Race staff Director

Formula Chair

Old Business

Website updates added 2019 schedule, 2nd month in a row with over 600 views.

Race Committee Report

Nothing new to report.


New Business

We need 5 race cars for the upcoming wire show.

Council needs more people to help with stewarding, if interested please let David Wessel or Bruce V know.

New brochure to hand out at event was discussed.

Next Meeting

5/2/2019, Machine Shed restaurant, 7:00pm

Motion to adjourn was made at 8:11 p.m. and was passed unanimously.

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