Monthly Meeting Minutes

Great Lake Sport Car Club Monthly Meeting Minutes

7/2/2019 | Meeting called to order at 7:03pm

In Attendance

Brandon Bockrath, Randy Brehmer, Chuck Duncan, John Erwin, Matt Gerdisch, Mark Langer, Alex Langer, Tom Miller, James O’Hare, Gary Pusch, Jim Radmann, Paul Rembas, Bill Schley, Rick Rollow, Mick Thomae, Bruce Volbrecht, Daryl Wessel, Lauren Wessel.

Approval of Minutes

June meeting minutes Approved.

Treasury and Membership Report

Stable treasury to date.

70 members, 12 are new for 2019

MCSCC Board of Directors Report

Larry Best brought forth a proposal for Council to have a surety bond.  He proposed $100,000 of coverage that would cost $341.05 per year with a three contract.  His proposal included a motion which because it came from committee didn’t need a second.  There was a motion to waive tabling of Larry’s surety bond motion, which was PASSED by unanimous voice vote.  The motion for a surety bond was defeated by a club vote, five in favor and seven against. Larry provided a summary of the insurance costs for events and the amounts due Council from the clubs for membership and sanction fees.  The summary is posted to the Council Forum.

Larry continues to investigate directors and officers (D&O) insurance, reminded the clubs to get information to Larry that he requested recently about club structure and officers.

Motion that Council should do what the surety bond company would have required; monthly review of the bank statement by the executive officers against the Treasurer’s Report and have an annual financial audit.  PASSED by unanimous voice vote.

Marketing:  Council recently participated in the Automation Car Show in Wisconsin Dells recently.  Chris Falconer brought a car as well as Darrell Wessel.  Next WCEC event is in August in Appleton.

Website Committee:  Chris continues to add content and fix things on the website.  Chris asked if anyone has requests or ideas for content, the more “stuff” that can be sent to him more quickly he can add it … creating contact is always a challenge.  There was a discussion about getting HSAX ID#’s on the new website; Chris will work to get that done.


Council Promoted Events:  The budget for Road America is close to being final.  Chris McGuire will be the race chair at Autobahn Country Club.  Anyone interested in helping with the event should contact Chris or David Wessel.  Mark Atkinson is providing the “event art”.

Thinker Proposal:  Motion (Dan Carlson)/Second (Jeff Vance) to table for another month for the clubs to discuss.

Possible joint event with SCCA in 2020:  Discussions continuing

Open Floor. 

President Wessel asked, “what do the members and clubs want for 2020”?  The following were discussed:

  1. Banquet. Chicagoland is taking the January 2020 banquet.
  2. What tracks do we want to go to?
  3. Number of events. Consensus of the discussion was seven weekends; Road America plus six.  We were reminded that the SCCA Runoffs are at Road America this year.

Old Business

Website updates were made to the membership page to include application and an email for Matt Gerdich to respond to new membership requests.

The laptop the club purchased for registration is in.

Race Committee Report

Milwaukee Mile race weekend schedule finalized, Friday test and tune and track day with 4 run groups, Saturday and Sunday will be normal race weekend. Still looking for volunteers.

New Business


Next Meeting

8/1/2019, Machine Shed restaurant, 7:00 pm

Motion to adjourn was made at 7:56 p.m. and was passed unanimously.

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