Monthly Meeting Minutes

Great Lake Sport Car Club Monthly Meeting Minutes

2/6/2020 | Meeting called to order at 7:00pm

In Attendance

Brandon Bockrath, Don Droegkamp, Chuck Duncan, Zach Durnford, John Erwin, Glenn Farrell, Andy Gesch, Gary Glojek, Thomas Miller, Gary Pusch, Jim Radmann, Rob Radmann, Paul Rembas, Mike Thomae, Matt Thomas, Bruce Volbrecht, Ken Watry, Daryl Wessel, Lauren Wessel, David Wessel

Approval of Minutes

January meeting minutes approved.

Treasury and Membership Report

Stable treasury to date. Made payment of the Bob Bennet $200 go fund me contribution, $159 for D&O insurance to Council, and $511 for banquet awards.

Remember to get your membership renewal to Matt!

MCSCC Board of Directors Report


  • Reminder to get membership updates to John Boldt and Gary Schneider
  • Public Relations/Marketing/Website/Sponsorship Update:

Avon/Cooper Tires sponsorship are still being discussed

Webmaster C. McGuire mentioned a problem with the website home page that he is working to resolve and is also working on other improvements and an e-mail consolidation recommendation.

2020 Show Opportunities M. Lelito volunteered to manage attending and staffing the following two Chicago area events. Please contact Mitch if you can assist in staffing the events.

Race & Performance Expo – Feb 21, 22, 23; Renaissance Center, Schaumburg, IL

Chicago World of Wheels – March 6, 7, 8; Stephens Convention Center, Rosemont, IL

MC will have a booth at the Milwaukee Auto Show – Feb 22 – Mar 1, Wisconsin Center, Milwaukee. GLSCC and LSCC are discussing staffing. MC will not be participating in the Milwaukee World of Wheels – Feb 21, 22, 23 at Wisconsin State Fair Park

  • Strategic Planning/Volunteer Recruitment Update regarding minors working corners. Per VP Falconer, our current insurance carrier has no concerns as long as the minor’s legal guardian is also at the track. Minor does not need to be with the legal guardian while working, but cannot be alone on the corner. MC will pursue promoting this volunteer staffing opportunity for 2020.
  • 2020 Banquet update. Everything is on track for a successful event.

2020 Schedule. A new single-day Autobahn event motion proposed from President Wessel whereby MC would sanction and staff an enduro W2W race on Saturday August 15. See separate document for proposal and projected budget. Second by C. Falconer. Discussion followed. Conflicts are SCCA at RA and VSDCA at Grattan. ChampCar is at Grattan the following weekend, so unlikely to draw from that series. Was mentioned Autobahn has an enduro group which could also be contracted. Proposed entry fee of $1,000 or $1,200 for an 8-10 hour enduro.

Motion to waive tabling by B. Bockrath /2nd C. McQuire. Not able to determine vote outcome from voice vote, so Club vote called with the following votes by Club: MSCC 2 no, CSCC 2 no, NSSCC 2 for, SCCR 2 for, SCSCC 2 for, GL 2 for. PASSED by 8-4 vote. Club vote on Autobahn proposal as follows: MSCC 1-1, CSCC 2 no, NSSCC 2 no, SCCR 2 for, SCSCC 1-1, GL 2 for. Club vote tied 6-6. VP Falconer consulted with Pres Wessel via phone and VP Falconer used Chair vote to break the tie. PASSED by 7-6 vote.

  • COMPETITION BOARD Old Business Medical Form. Comp Dir Hansen asked Clubs to submit input to him for a new proposal on updating the MC Medical Form for 2021. License Rules. Comp Dir Hansen asked Clubs to submit input to him for a new proposal on updating the MC License Rules for 2021.
  • Vote on motion to move enduro rules from Supplements to GCR tabled from December meeting for Club input. PASSED by unanimous voice vote
  • New Business Discussion on issues and gaps with the classroom session of the AX Driver’s School. Outcome of discussion was that Comp Dir Hansen will work with the AX Committee to improve the April AX Driver’s School classroom experience.


Old Business

Upcoming car shows were discussed. Some display errors on the GLSCC website were fixed and the theme was updated.

Race Committee Report

Discussion and updates on the Milwaukee mile and the possibility of doing a driving school there.

New Business

Discussion was had on Updating the membership form and adding Associate Membership for 20 dollars as well as Junior and spousal memberships. The proposal was brought up toa vote and Passed by unanimous decision.

Next Meeting

3/5/2020, Machine Shed restaurant, 7:00 pm

Motion to adjourn was made at 7:47 p.m. and was passed unanimously.