Monthly Meeting Minutes

Great Lake Sport Car Club Monthly Meeting Minutes

3/5/2020 | Meeting called to order at 7:05pm

In Attendance

Brandon Bockrath,  Chuck Duncan, Zach Durnford, Don Eichelberger, Dick, Eiesmann, John Erwin, Glenn Farrell, Andy Gesch, Tera Gesch, Gary Glojek, Steve Mente, Gary Pusch, Joe Radosevich, Terry Reinders, Paul Rembas, Bruce Volbrecht, Ken Watry, Daryl Wessel, Lauren Wessel, David Wessel, Brandon Steinhauer, Bill Raasch, Paul miller

Approval of Minutes

February meeting minutes approved.

Treasury and Membership Report

Currently at 34 members. Remember to get your membership renewal to Matt!

Discussed creating a PayPal account for the club to make payments easier. – Brandon will ask Matt if he can set one up.

MCSCC Board of Directors Report

Cooper Tires Pres Wessel has been discussing 2020 discount and sponsorship with them. They currently agreed to a discount and still discussing additional sponsorship. Discount includes Cooper or Avon tires with a Cooper badge. NA Tires will not likely be returning as a 2020 sponsor. Continuation with RaceQuip sponsorship is hopeful.

2020 Banquet Recap Thanks to Chicagoland for a successful MC banquet. Need a volunteer Club for 2020. MSCC is next on the rotation list.

Open Positions Review

  • W2W Instructors (opportunities for both active as well as formally licensed and now inactive drivers) [Ralph Hansen]
  • W2W and HSAX Stewards (no experience necessary, steward team will train) [Jared Cromas]
  • Safety & Rescue Chief [Ralph Hansen]
  • Safety & Rescue staff [Ralph Hansen or S&R Chief]
  • Marketing Director [David Wessel]
  • Digital/Social Media Manager [Mktg Dir or David Wessel]
  • Race Staff Director [Ralph Hansen]
  • Co-Chief for Flagging & Control [Lauren Wessel]
  • Marketing Intern [David Wessel]

Autobahn and Road America Updates Autobahn enduro will be 10 hours. Saturday August 15. A four-person committee will be approving non-comp licensed drivers with previous racing experience (i.e. Lemons, ChampCar). Race planning meetings have been completed and entry is now posted on Planning on having additional incentives for race staff volunteers. Road America planning has been underway and will be the same format as last year. 

Other Old Business: None brought forward. 

NEW BUSINESS Event Registration Timing Proposal from Pres. Wessel to require that all events will have registration open twenty (20) weeks before the date of the event, or by April 1st of the year of the event, whichever comes first. Any Club failing to meet this timing will be subjected to an additional $5 per entrant on the sanctioning fees of the event (see separate handout). Second (C. McGuire). Discussion followed. Take back to Clubs for a March BOD vote. 

BOD Meeting Date Proposal from Pres. Wessel to change the MC BOD Meeting from 8 PM on the second Thursday of the month to 8PM the second Friday of the month, beginning March 2020 (see separate handout). Pres Wessel did not request a second and will propose a video conferencing motion next month. 

Registrar Duties Update Proposal from Pres. Wessel (see separate handout). Will be classified as errors and emissions to GCR. 

VSCDA Staffing Pres. Wessel had discussions with VSCDA on staffing their October event and VSCDA would like MC to continue to staff that event. More discussions to follow. BOD members present voiced support of the previous decision. 

Open Floor Brief discussion on condition of safety truck light bar with outcome of no further action needed. Trailer condition and repair needs discussed including need for a heated venue to compete the repairs. Treas. Kneubuehl volunteered his heated space and several members present agreed to schedule a trailer repair sesson for March 14 & 15 (with need for the second day to be determined after progress on the 14th). Volunteers are needed. 

Old Business

A reminder of the new 2020 safety requirements from Laruen Wessel everything needs to have an SFI/FIA rating, and Hans devices are required for Wheel to Wheel.

Brandon recapped the Milwaukee Auto show, it went very well, hopefully the effort turned into a few new members and more people volunteering with Council

Race Committee Report

Paul Rembas had a call to action for all members to bring at least on person to the track this year, they will hopefully get hooked and become active members it’s the most effective way for us to continue to grow.

New Business

New Members! Brandon Steinhauer of Lakeshore Sports Car Club has joined us, and Paul Miller a friend of one of our members also submitted his application and introduced themselves to the group.

Next Meeting

4/2/2020, Machine Shed restaurant, 7:00 pm- Virtual Meeting with email updates

Motion to adjourn was made at 7:58 p.m. and was passed unanimously.


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