MCSCC Racing

Wrap Guyz Sprint Race Series

The Sprint Race Championship Series has been the foundation for Midwestern Council for the past 60 plus years. The series features Improved Touring, Production, Grand Touring, Street Tuner, Formula, Sports Racer, and Vintage Historic racing on the same weekend. Competitors race for trophies and season championship points. The emphasis is on intense competition in a fun and safe environment.NA Tires Endurance Championship Series

New for 2018 is a 4 race endurance series that is sponsored by NA Tires. This will be a bracket series with five classes broken up by lap time. This series allows nearly every form of racecar including, Spec Miatas, Improved Touring, Production, Grand Touring, Spec Racer Fords, Sports Racers and much more! Each race within this series will be a timed race ranging from 1 to 4 hours.High Speed Autocross / HSAX

High Speed Autocross with Midwestern Council is the perfect way to see what your street car can do against the clock. No matter what you have, we can get you in a class with competitive competition that will have you coming back for more.

HPDE / Track Days

Midwestern Council’s HPDE program provides everyone the opportunity to get out on track. The only requirements are your car and your helmet and a valid driver’s license. We give everyone from first time beginners to highly experienced drivers the ability to get their car out on track at minimum cost.