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February 2017 Karting KRAZY at Veloce


Veloce Speedway!


Greetings GLSCC members, just wanted to forward this nice write up that Jeffrey Willert sent.  It looks like they’re going to try to promote within their membership a fall event with us. So we’ll need some ringers and body count.

I want to thank Paul Nelson in bringing a large contingency of coworkers.  Without them it sure would’ve been a lackluster evening.  Jeff Jagusch, thanks for being the contact for the track and help organizing our Tuesday night event.  Also, check out our website and Facebook page for pictures and video Jim Radmann provided. 

Again thanks for everyone who signed up it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening.  

John Erwin

From Jeff Willert:

Midwestern Council’s Great Lakes Sports Car Club invited the Lakeshore Sports Car Club to join them at their go kart outing at the Veloce Indoor Speedway Tuesday night, March 21st in Waukesha Wisconsin.

Great time was had by all.  There were two LSCC members to take on the GLSCC membership. Dmitri Gurney and myself.  Dmitri is a friend of Stephanie’s and runs a Formula Mazda and has done this before (I have not).  He may come to our Tuesday night membership meetings.  I tried to get some LSCC ringers to go like Stephanie Andersen and Nicole Temple but they were unable to attend.

It was a Super Track night so we ran the long course.  We started with a 4 lap practice.  Dmitri was fast right out of the blocks while I was getting blue flagged from across the building finishing 6th out of 7 (I started pointing drivers by…jeepers I’m slow).  My best time was a 44.1 (fastest for the session was a 41.6)  I have to find 2.5 seconds!!!  What???!!!  Maybe I shouldn’t have worn my work shoes.  J

The second session was a 6 lap qualifying session.  I did a bit better finishing 5th out of 7 with a best time of 43.3.  Dmitri scorched the course with a 42.2 piloting his kart to a 2nd place finish. 

“B Main”:  Due to my lack of performance I had to run the “B” main, top 3 advancing to the “A” main.  Using the grand prix style start and starting 3rd on the grid, I foot faulted (too soon on the gas) and my kart would not move.  Once underway I lost a spot due to my foot fault, then got beat n banged and ended up running 5th by the end of the first lap.  I made two passes to end the race 3rd out of 6 with a best time of 42.4.  I made the top 3 so I advanced to the “A” main. 

“A Main”:  I started 3rd out of 9 with what I think was an inverted start (slower in front).  I got a clean start, but before I knew it the beatin n bangin got started that would make any demo derby proud (we are talkin bragging rights here!!!).  Next thing I knew I was 5th with a bit of a gap to 6th.  David Wessel, President of Midwestern Council (6th place) was in a dogfight of his own with guys turning him sideways at almost every turn (that’s no way to treat the president…maybe it is  J).  This allowed the first five to get out a bit of a gap.  Learning the “not so nice guy” role, I opened the book of etiquette the Australian V8 Supercar driver’s use.  Giving the 4th place kart’s bumper a “bit of a touch-up” pushing him ever closer to the 3rd place kart.  A few times I got alongside the 4th place kart trying to give him the ”hip n shoulda” but without success.  I ended up 5th out of 9 with a best time of 42.2 with a fast approaching MC President David Wessel on my heels.  He turned a 41.8!!!  Dmitri did not run the “A Main” for some reason.

This was a fun event and I hope others can make it in the future.  GLSCC was very welcoming and the food at this place was good.  I will go again.

Thank you to John Erwin for putting this together and being a very gracious host.

Thank you

Jeff Willert

Lakeshore Sports Car Club


Winner 1st Place Don

Second 2nd Place Rob

Third 3rd (So Sorry….I didn’t get your name?)


Who Me??