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Getting Started

NEW OFFERING by GLSCC – and a Special Local Club Member Benefit

“New Driver Adviser” Program

Contact the following members for more information and help in getting on the track and going faster than ever before!

Bruce Vollbrecht

Mark Greenisen

G Fritz Glojek

Jeff Jagusch


Copy of Auto Show

A Typical Schedule –
The evening before an Autocross (usually a Friday), Registration and Technical Inspection usually open at 6:00 pm and close at 9:00 pm.
The Day of the Event –

7:00 am Noon Autocross Registration is open
7:00 am 10:30 am Autocross Technical Inspection is open
8:00 am MANDATORY Drivers Meeting near tech area, followed by
MANDATORY meeting for NOVICE Drivers
8:30 am 10:00 am Practice by Groups


Practice Group – Run Time Order
Group Best Time at BFR         Session#1 Session#2
1 1:37 or higher 1 1
2 1:34 – 1:37 2 2
3 1:31 – 1:34 3 3
4 1:28 – 1:31 4 4
N Novices & Instructors N N
5 1:26 – 1:28 5 5
6 1:24 – 1:26 6 6
7 1:22 – 1:24 7 7
8 1:22 or lower 8 8


10:15 am Noon Start of Timed Runs by class (5-10 minutes after last practice group off track)
Noon 1:00 pm Lunch – possible track touring but not guaranteed
1:00 pm 6:00 pm Timed Runs by class
6:30 pm Trophy Presentation

Please note: We frequently have Autocross Committee meetings after competition events. Anyone with an interest in autocross is welcome to attend. Details are usually announced at the Drivers Meeting or Registration.

Typical Cars –
You have about 2 miles of open race track in front of you. Your competitor made it around the track 0.02 seconds faster than you did last session. If you don’t lay down your best lap and beat that, you lose. Time to try harder.


One of the best things about auto racing is that more people make the competition better. The same can be said for the volunteers that make the events happen – the more we have, the better the events are. Below is a brief list of some of the volunteer opportunities we have available. We have a specialty for just about everyone.

Flagging and Communications
Often referred to as the second best seat in the house (the best being IN a race car).
Start a quick tour of F&C
Safety and Rescue:
Do you like Big trucks, Flashing lights and picking up wrecked cars? S&R may be for you.
Technical Inspection
Your chance to see the cars up close and personal while you verify the car’s race preparation.