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July 2017 Minutes

Great Lakes Sport Car Club Monthly Minutes July 7 2017

Great Lakes Sport Car Club Monthly Minutes

Date/start time: 7/6/17 7pm

Member attendance:  (Attach sign in sheet) John Erwin*, Bruce Vollbrecht*, Tom Miller*, Tera Gesch*, Andy Gesch*, Paul Rembas*, Alex Langer*, Mark Langer*, Don Eichelberger, Steve Mente, Mike Thomas, Ken Kennard, Gary Glojek, Glenn Farrell

Attended Race Committee meeting *  Points: Dave W. 93, Paul R. 71, John E. 70,Bruce V.63, Jim R. 43, Paul N.36, Gary P.35, Daryl W.32.  Other members have points but fewer than 30.

Approve last month’s minutes: Approved

Treasury and membership report: Budget report and treasury numbers are held in confidence with the board of directors.  57 members, 11members have not yet renewed for 2017, 3new members. Lauren Wessel, Kristin Klan, Stephen Hepner,

Treasury is stable per Matt Gerdish.  First track payment to SFP $2917.12 on June 22

Next SFP payment due July 27.  Received Sponsorship money: Brehmer Agency $1000.00, C&S performance $500.00,

While reviewing corporate registration with the state, Matt noticed that GLSCC was formed as a Non-stock Wis. Corporation on April 24, 1957. 60 years of great racing.

Board of Directors report: This can include competition rule changes and other info related to future race and track requirements.  Also MCSCC treasury report should be reviewed. Bruce V. , John E. reporting  Old Business: Address Proposals from BOD meeting.

Minimum fee structure: Goal of cancellation fees is to discourage people from bailing the events because of adverse events RAIN, etc.

Proposal 1:  pre- register $25 off, Cancellation $25 fee

Discussion: SCCA has softened their policies to encourage participation Per Ken Kennard.

This proposal was initiated from the April event that had many registrants bailing at the last minute. +-30.

New Proposal: Bruce V.  No new Fee structure mandated by MC.  Sec. Paul R.  Vote carries no new fees.

Proposal 2: All Road America events: MC backs the event, of a loss then MC absorbs cost imbalance.  Only 2-3 clubs help in event, with more than 3 clubs the thought is there will be to many clubs trying to work out the details.   If a profit is achieved MC gets 70% clubs get 30%.

Counter Proposal: Create race committee with members from every club (1- 2) to help organize RA event that way as to insure all-around member participation.   Our club discussion sided for the counter proposal with the 70/30 profit split.

Safety & Stewards: Some friction during events, work through situations in the future in a cool and calm manner then move on to make the event safe!!!

Web site: July 1 start delayed no new data yet…

Old business: Past event and concerns discussed at this time. Vintage weekend was a great success as always 160 cars attended. The theme was Triumphs so Steve Mente (1970 Datsun 1200) overall best time 1:29.297, Don Eichelberger (1970 Datsun 510 overall best time 1:25.628)attended in there respectably rides.  David Wessel honed his Starter skills at this event.  Bruce Vollbrecht was Stewart.  Again thanks go out to GLSCC members for volunteering.


Race committee report: (Race chair) Paul Rembas   Tire wall day not happening until fall.

E-mail volunteer lists.   Milwaukee Mile event registration to be in media center not at service garage as in the past.


New Business: Open forum for future GLSCC events and concerns.

July 26th & Aug. 9th car show dates at Point Burger Bar Waukesha. Both events start at 4-5:30 pm.  After 5:30 it will be harder for members to congregate together.

Member Elmer Goertz no longer lives in Lake Geneva area and has moved to Iowa an updated address will be given out through E-mail. Elmer is the most senior member and the most beloved by all!  Please send thoughts to this GLSCC racing legend..

Discussion related to having joint ventures with other clubs so 14-15 year olds can get more track time.  There are other sanctioning bodies that don’t recognize our new minor policy which hinder participation.  If members have contact info related to or ideas for having joint events please forward to race committee staff.

Ken Kannard relayed his June Sprints event participation and the excitement in meeting Bobby Rahal.

Still looking for more race related stories that will enhance our web site.  Please forward to Jim Radmann.  Thanks Jim!!!

Meeting ended 8:15 pm.   Documented by: Tera Gesch Transcribed by: John Erwin


Membership discussion in all categories during meeting should be documented as clear as possible.  Persons conversing should be included in documentation.   This template should be used and improved upon as to provide stability for GLSCC and its web site.