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June 2017 Meeting Minutes

Great Lakes Sport Car Club Monthly JUNE 1

Great Lakes Sport Car Club Monthly Minutes

Date/start time: June 1 2017  7pm

Member attendance:  (Attach sign in sheet)  John Erwin*, Bruce Vollbrecht*, David Wessel*,Andy Gesch*, Tera Gesch*, Paul Rembas*, Daryl Wessel, Don Eichelberger, Gary Glojek, Steve Mente, Charles Duncan, Glenn Farrell, Tom Miller, Rick Rollo, Don Droegkamp     Guests:  Jeff Willert, Jim Hillyer     * Race committee meeting prior to main.

Points: David W. 76, Paul R. 65, John E. 56, Bruce V.54, Gary P.35, Paul N.36, Jim R.34

Approve last month’s minutes: Approved

Treasury and membership report: Budget report and treasury numbers are held in confidence with the board of directors.  54 members.  Treasury is stable per Matt Gerdish.  Matt is still looking for someone to take over the membership duties.  So please forward your interest to Matt asap.

Board of Directors report: This can include competition rule changes and other info related to future race and track requirements.  Also MCSCC treasury report should be reviewed.  David Wessel reporting

Goal of council is to schedule out next year’s events by Oct. long race weekend.

Effective: Jan 1 2018 if a driver goes into the paddock during a race you can re-enter race w/out being disqualified.

Letter of commitment from each club stating what clubs will take what tracks 5 tracks available.

Drivers school @ the Milwaukee Mile In May next year.  There will not be any events in April.

7 total events for 2018.

MW council to taken on RA due to cost (financial backer) each club will participate and help out. Clubs will split the profit/loss equally at events end.  This is to encourage participation in race staff, entries and an overall success of this event.

Klaxion to go more digital may print year in review at year’s end.

Mem. Day weekend 60-70 cars HPDE Sat. 90 entries Sun race

Pre-reg/ cancellation fee minimum set by MWC then let clubs modify from there settings min/max fees.  Pay in full week ahead may discourage people. We are trying to encourage pre-registration to help relieve reg. on day of race and discourage cancellation.

Discussion:  Paul Rembas.  There has to be some type of commitment on the driver’s side to avoid cancellation fee being implemented!!  20-25 years ago we typically had 80-100 entries w/rental at $600.  Lack of Driver commitment w/track rental costs at 12-18k per day there has to be some type of fees to protect the clubs burden at hosting the events.

Reduced early entry and extra discounts for dual entries W/ a cancellation fee can help in this burden.  Bottom line is how to get more people to attend races through incentives, face to face interaction like recruiting from karting.

Min. walk-up fee $5-25?

Early reg. $25 less

Late reg. $25 more

Cancellation fee $25

Old business: Past event and concerns discussed at this time.

Sent $50 to fund or honor Eric Sandnes passing.  Check went to Surveyors’ Ed. Fund.

Channel 10 auction thank you letter received.

Race committee report: (Race chair) Paul Rembas

Mile is the same still waiting for tire wall day.  Firestone donating 500 tires for wall and would like some advertising but State Fair doesn’t want to allow the advertizing.  Paul will update us after further State Fair conversation.

HPDE down to 3 groups.  No Novice this year.  Paul is working on the trophies waiting on the quote from Andy.


New Business: Open forum for future GLSCC events and concerns.

There are 4 new HPDE entrants needing help at our event they all came from the channel 10 auction donations.  Members all had words that they are willing to help in any way they can.

New gallery in Green Bay would like to display race cars for the upcoming winter season.  They can hold 50 cars at one time and rotate every month.

Car show schedule at Point Burger Bar /Veloce (wed. night).  Late July early August choices.  There was discussion as to change our regular meeting in early August to accommodate for the car show event.

Pewaukee watching closely because merchants concerned there won’t be enough room for regular customers.

We all need to thank Randy Brehmer Agency and Mel Clausing at C&S Performance for their sponsor donations this year.  At meetings date there was still discussion with Hall Mazda and Reina International we were encouraged that they will join us..

So please give a shout out to these fine businesses.

Documented by: Tera Gesch Transcribed by: John Erwin


Membership discussion in all categories during meeting should be documented as clear as possible.  Persons conversing should be included in documentation.   This template should be used and improved upon as to provide stability for GLSCC and its web site.